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a 90-min strategic client experience call

CX Intensive Session

Meet with Laura to strategise your service offerings - what they are, how much they cost and how you deliver them to your clients.

Before you can even think about setting up automations, you need to gain full clarity on what you are offering and how you want to offer it.

Did you know that the CRM build is actually the smallest part of the whole project? Before we even step inside your CRM we need to be 100% sure on the strategy - of your client journey, of your client-facing assets, of pretty much everything that goes in to you delivering your service to make your clients go "wow".

4 Reasons a CX Intensive Session is Perfect for You

You need some automation in your life

You're the exhausted creative, doing everything manually all on your lonesome, working ALL the hours under the sun. You want to be able to focus on the creative, but are stuck with the boring admin :(

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You want a more streamlined tech stack

You're stuck with 6 million subscriptions for every app out there and just can't seem to figure out what you need to use to be able to make your business run smoothly

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You want to elevate your client experience

You want to be able to become more high-end but you know your client experience is not as top-notch as you need it to be

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You need your offer suite simplified

Your offer suite doesn’t allow your clients to flow from one offer to the next - they just hit and run and never seem to come back for more.

What the CX Intensive Session can be used for

An Intensive Session can be used for one or all of the following:

*Please note, depending on how complex your offer suite and client journey is, you may need to book multiple sessions to reach your desired outcome.

offer design


We can pull apart and put back together your service offering(s) so that you can design an intentional offering perfect for the way you want to run your business and what your client wants/needs.


cx design


We can map out your client journey from start to finish, every little step in between, to create a wow-worthy client experience that keeps your clients coming back for more!


tech design


Not too sure what tech you need to help your business run smoother? We can meet virtually to chat about your tech stack and find the apps that will work the best for you.

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What's Included


  • An intake form to help me collect some basic business information to help me prep for the call

  • A 90min call with Laura (your client experience expert)

  • Recording of the call to watch back in your own time

  • Session Recap Notes that include links to any documents we created during the call

  • UPGRADE OPTION - Dubsado Roadmap which outlines how to build out your Dubsado workflows if you want to DIY your systems setup

  • UPGRADE OPTION - 30 Days of email support to help you whilst you build your workflows in your CRM

woman holding a cup of tea smiling at camera

"I ADORED working with Laura! It's made me think about parts of my business completely differently and you were so patient and helpful!"


Choose your CX Intensive Package



This package is perfect if you are considering working with me further, but just want to dip your toes in first!

This package includes:​

  • 90min strategy session (recorded)

  • Session recap notes including suggested action steps

  • Access to any documents created during the call.



This package is perfect if you are planning on DIY-ing your systems setup and just need help with the strategy.

This package includes:​

  • Everything in the 'Standard' package PLUS

  • A Dubsado Roadmap which instructs you how to build your workflows

  • 30 days of email support

CX Intensive Session Application

Complete these 3 simple steps to get an Intensive Session on your calendar!


Complete the Form Below

Add a few details into the form below - if you're not sure which session to choose simply select 'I'm not sure!' and we can have a quick discovery call.


Book an Intensive Session

Once you've completed the form you'll be sent a link to book your session. These are held on Thursdays and Fridays only.


Pay the Invoice to Make it Official

Part of the booking process requires you to pay for the session upfront. Once you've done this you're officially booked in 🎉

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