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recommended tools + resources.

Here are a few of my most favourite tools and resources - just know, I only recommend things that I absolutely 🫶🏻 and would never recommend something just for an affiliate pay out.

dubsado logo

Client Relationship Manager

My one true love! This was always going to be Dubsado because of everything it has done and will do to help me run my business.

Use my affiliate link to get 30% off your first month/year when you sign up for a paid subscription.

google workspace logo

Docs, Forms, Storage + More

What can Google Workspace not do?! I use as many of their tools as I possibly can and could never go back to the other one (you know what I'm talking about, right?!). Apart from email, my most used Google App is probably docs - I love how I can collaborate on them.

Screen Recording

loom logo

Not only can I quickly record video tutorials for my clients using Loom, but I can also use it to upload and store any other videos (say, from Zoom) to it. Have you seen the new AI capabilities too?!

Appointment Scheduling

calendly logo

I love Calendly for booking in paid sessions - so simple to set up and has some great conditional logic features with its forms. A great alternative to using a Dubsado scheduler.

Getting Organised

If you are looking for a guru to teach you all of their magic then look no further - Krystal Clark is an absolute genius in her industry and her membership is perfect if you need to learn how to become an organised, productive business owner. I have learnt so much from her over the past few years and she never fails to amaze me with her insight.

markup logo

Collaborative Feedback

Markup is a fairly new addition to my tech stack, but it's a good one. This app lets you upload a doc/image which you then send to a client to get feedback. SUPER easy to use and guaranteed to get you precise feedback about your design.

canva logo

Graphic Design

Canva, well, what can I say about Canva? If you have are needing any type of graphic/image for your social media or website or doc Canva is the go-to. So simple to use and the features just keep growing and growing. I'm a fully-fledged paid user of this app and couldn't live without it!

whimsical logo

Mind Mapping

I've tried a few different mind mapping tools and Whimsical is by far my favourite. It has many other capabilities, but I use it for workflow mapping out my clients' process for their service offerings. So simple and easy to use, making it quick and easy to create beautiful workflow maps.

dub-ins genie logo

Dubsado Coded Forms

Dubins Genie is exactly what it sounds like, magic! If you want the look of amazing coded forms but don't want to learn how to code then the Genie plugin is perfect for you. Transforming your Dubsado forms without having to learn another language!

forms and flows logo

Dubsado Coded Forms

Forms and Flows is a Dubsado template shop which offers coded templates, along with courses. Alice's forms are stunning and if you sign up for her free course on how to get started with coding, you'll end up with some beautiful forms and a new skill.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. These links are affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks.

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