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Let's build a system that supports your clients with ease

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A systems setup is more than just adding a few email templates into a CRM - you can happily welcome the following into your life:


more time.

This is the most obvious result you'll see. Less time in your inbox answering the same questions over and over. Less time manually sending questionnaires, proposals, organising appointments. Now you just have to plan what you're going to do with all this time! World domination in 3..2..1...

more pride.


You can finally promote your BTS more because you have something to be proud of. Every email, every form, every tiny part of your client experience has been designed to align perfectly with your brand. And now that you have a system in place, you can stop sending those "sorry I forgot to..." emails.

more headspace.

Heard of decision fatigue? It's real! Now you are clear in your process and have automated as much of it as possible, you can say goodbye to all those lists that are taking up room in your head. You can trust Dubsado to do it for you, or atleast send you a friendly nudge to remind you to do it!

more income.

Not only can you increase your prices because of your new client experience, you will also see your clients loving on you super hard and referring you to as many people as they can. Isn't it a good thing you have more time on your hands to take on more clients?!

So, how am I going to get you there?

All systems setup packages are bespoke to each client - you will be quoted a price that aligns with your budget and needs.

Step 1 - CX Design

In just 3 weeks, you will walk away with a fully mapped out client journey for your signature service offering.

We will map out every tiny little step you and your clients need to take to deliver your signature transformation. We will look at ways to streamline and simplify your process and design your client experience to align with both you, your business and your clients.


  • 2hr Strategy Session

  • Bespoke Workflow Maps

  • Implementation Roadmap (for those DIY-ers)

  • A Comprehensive Asset List


Step 2 - Systems Setup

Once you have completed at least one CX Design project, we can turn that strategy into reality with a systems setup project. 

Phase 1 - Asset Elevation: We will work collaboratively to elevate your assets (forms, emails etc.) to make sure every client touchpoint aligns perfectly with your brand.

Phase 2 - Tech Setup: You then get the chance to sit back whilst I build everything out in your software of choice. 

Support: Once your systems setup is complete you will receive support to help you become familiar with your new tech.

* Timelines and investments are custom based on your CX Design project - see example projects below.


  • Dubsado

  • HoneyBook

  • Moxie

  • ClickUp

  • Asana

  • Airtable

  • Zapier

  • Google Workspace

  • ...and many more

Examples of Previous Projects

Because each business is so unbelievably different, their systems setup projects all look different too. Below you will see some examples of the projects I have completed to give you a better idea of what your project might look like.


VIP Day Dubsado Setup

Timeline: 1 Day

Software Setup: Dubsado

Project Scope:

  • The setup of the enquiry and booking workflow for one service only in Dubsado

Investment: £850


Dubsado Setup + Zapier Setup

Timeline: 4 weeks

Software Setup: Dubsado & Zapier

Project Scope:

  • The setup of 3 service offerings within Dubsado, with code-free forms

  • The setup of 2 Dubsado-related Zaps

Investment: £3900


The Elite Systems Setup

Timeline: 6-8 Weeks

Software Setup: Dubsado, ClickUp, Zapier & Airtable

Project Scope:

  • The setup of 6 services offerings in Dubsado, with coded forms

  • Creation of a Client Hub with project templates in ClickUp

  • The setup of Zapier to integrate between apps

  • Creation of an Airtable company base to track data

Investment: £6300

Website - Homepage - Hero Image.jpg
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